Women's Health & Pre/Postnatal Program: Hormonal and structural changes can cause unexpected aches and pains in the female body, which happens for those who are pregnant, have just delivered, or even for those who had a child 20 years ago.  Our expert knowledge of the unique needs of women results in a quicker recovery from pain symptoms.


  • Common Areas of Pain/Pain Generators: Low back pain, sciatica, SI (sacroiliac) pain, Tailbone pain, Postural dysfunction/thoracic pain, Costochondritis (rib pain), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Edema, Diastasis, Pelvic floor weakness
  • Women's Health Treatment: Manual therapy – hands on treatment for joint and soft tissues; Education – sleep positions, sitting and standing precautions, how to minimize stress on the joints; Strengthening – exercise and potential transition into Pilates
  • Treatment will address: Posture, Joint & Soft tissue dysfunction, Structural alignment

If you are experiencing Women's Health related issues, we assure you that our expertise and unique understanding of your issues make us the only practice of our kind in Davis.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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